Art Direction & Editorial ︎︎︎

black joy archive v.i (2020)

This project began in May of twenty-twenty amidst a worldwide pandemic and the continued racial epidemic this country has battled for centuries. The archive is intended to serve Black people as a therapeutic practice in self-preservation and self-esteem, as we are continually asked to face painful imagery of folks who look like us. The goal is that this collective action can be an outlet for Black individuals to heal through lifting our voices and giving space for our experiences to be seen, while also demystifying the notion that Black lives can solely be viewed in a negative vacuum of struggle.

The initial open-call for submissions was made via social media asking Black folx to submit images of their joy - be it childhood or family photos, candids or personal artwork they have created. Over the course of three weeks, over sixty people had submitted over five-hundred images, which were then all digitally archived online at Each contributor is listed, along with all of their submitted content and their self-authored descriptions. In conjunction, there was also a limited run of hand-bound books that were produced with support from Brooklyn-based riso-studio, Secret Riso Club. An edition of 35 publications were made available for sale, with 100% of the proceeds being donated to three organizations working towards various Black liberation efforts — A Better Day Than Yesterday, National Bail Out and Black Excellence Collective.

Printing by Secret Riso Club
Video by Alyza Enriquez and Mar Alfonso
Book Documentation by Nik Muka
Funding support from Christina Carmano